Welcome to the new UCDCPC website. It’s currently under construction but in a matter of months it promises to maybe be an acceptable website for the club where you can go for such things as seeing what life was like before everything was done via Facebook.

Nothing has really changed since 2006 when the old website was put up. This is us:

The Caving club offers the means for anybody who wants to go caving or who wants to improve their caving skills and knowledge. Most importantly, however, we are just a group of friends who want to muck about as much as possible. The main events in our Calender are the weekend trips to Clare and Fermanagh. Our trips away start on a Friday evening and finish on Sunday night. Transport and all essential gear is provided. Both Saturday (energetic) and Sunday (tired) cavers are catered for. Even Armchair Cavers are put up with, sometimes. The cost of the trip covers you for accommodation, food, water and caves. Two items which you must supply yourself after this are your own enthusiasm and drinking money.
We also run practise sessions for SRT and videos / slide shows / lectures / etc. Some notable events in the national Caving calendar in which we participate are the Caving Symposium and the Student Caving Forum. The Caving Symposium is organised by the Speleological Union of Ireland (SUI) and along with the Student Caving Forum is a scaled up version of our weekend trips.

There are only really two main items on our agenda. They are to go caving and to have a lot of fun.